I love this music on my space of Neil Diamond singing Morningside.  It’s a story of an old man’s forgotten legacy using the metaphor of a strong table built with pride, gone unclaimed by his children.  It could be the theam music of my space.  I guess for a few days, it will be.

4 thoughts on “Morningside”

  1. a lot of truth to that song..  Reminds me of the round oak table that was old at auction many years ago somewhere..  It was sold "as is"…..  When they went to load the table they found that it was very heavy, but not until home and unloaded and they went to open it and put a leaf into it did they realize that the hollow center portion was filled with silver dollars to the point where it didn’t even rattle.  Remember it was sold "as is"…  the law upheld the "as is" of the  purchaser …… 
    So often we want things for our children, however, they look at life from their age and ldon’t want the same things we do… enjoy "your children" … lottiemae

  2. This is a lovely song.. and a sad song.. its not until one is gone that one realizes what one had..
    I think your grandparents and great grandparents would be very proud of you.. for in you they live on..
    its nice meeting you.. hope your evening is soft.. ~Hope

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