The Stalker raises his Ugly head again

The stalker, like a smelly old fart who comes intruding (and stinking up our home) is trying to smear his version of "I’m better than you are."  If his attacks were against me alone, I’d leave them posted for all to read.  His words degrade himself just fine without any help from me.  But I am not who he really wants.  So his verbal attacks against me are mixed with insults to my Beautiful Wife personally.  So until the air clears of the foul smell and the stalker goes back into his cyber hole, my Beautiful Wife’s space will be private, and I’ll restrict my comment section once again.    

3 thoughts on “The Stalker raises his Ugly head again”

  1. S     N     OWBALL! S     N    OWBALL! S     N   OWBALL! S     N  OWBALL! S     N OWBALL!  S     NOWBALL! S    NOWBALL! S  NOWBALL! SNOWBALL! _________________   |   /____________        | |  /     //_____________        //  ///___________\ ####### ////____________##           ##//_________—–##             ##—–_________—- ##KAPOW!!## —-___________//##           ##___________///##         ##___________///#######___________///   //       __________//      /  | |       _____________ /     |    
                                            GOTCHA!!!!!!!     You are now involved in a snowball fight.  In this snowball fight no one gets frozen fingers and toes
    Hahahha… see I can do the snow thing without freezing… Vallerie

  2. I see Valleri got you too. I tried to get my hubby Jeff to help me make a snowman but no was the answer as he sat cuddled in a warm blankie and a cup of hot cocoa!  LOL  I just wanted to say it again, "There is absolutely nothing that the cyber demon can say that would change my High and adoring opinion of you and your lovely wife. You guys are terrific! Hugs from Pam

    Good morning, Ron…
    There will always be unfortunate souls such as the one attempting to throw some of his misery into your beautiful family’s world. Only one such person has tried to do that back at the Little Boat and I deleted the comment, later regretting that I didn’t report it.
    It’s a few days later now, and I hope the person in question has gone away, taking his unhappiness with him.
    From your writings I see the calibre of Spacer we really need; please don’t let the unfortunate soul cloud your sky. The attack upon your Beautiful Wife’s space was only about the offender, not your wife.
    I offer my encouragement and support to you and your wife…this will pass.
    Peace and love, always…

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