Since I discovered the world of blogging a few months ago, I have traveled the world, made a few friends (a rare thing for me), I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of talent and personality (visiting the spaces of my new friends), and I’ve even recieved some really good advice and encouragement.  And all this right here in cyberspace.  Thank-you my friends and visitors, for giving me one more thing that I love to do in my spare time.  However, problems at my work will see to it that I won’t have any spare time for awhile.  I’ll be back when I can… though it may be a week or more. 

4 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. Hi Ron,
    Your bike blog begs me to tell my bike stories. I still have scars on my knees from skidding along the dirt road in our village when my foot slipped off the pedal of my big brothers bike as I was riding "underbar". (Paved streets came much later for mee too,lol) When I finally got my own "girls" bike, my brothers rode it over their jump ( a pile of dirt in the yard) and wrecked it. So much for my bike. When I started working in the early 70’s I bought a 10 speed bike – all the rage at that time, but never really liked it. I didn’t like the hard narrow seat or how I was hunched over the handle bars. And hand brakes??? what’s with those anyway? So a few years ago my husband saw a regular old fashioned bike at a garage sale – it even has a basket on the front!!! – and bought it for me. So now I go happily riding around at the lake on my bike just like Jessica Fletcher on Murder she Wrote.

    I’m still catching up with your recent entries, so I’ve seen that things mellowed out a bit at work. I can understand your observations about blogging…been there, done that.
    I don’t know how writing is for you, but I’m pretty passionate about mine. Unfortunately I have a nearly nonexistant sense of moderation, which means either I exhaust myself writing or I feel as though I’ve lost a body part when I’m not writing. I hope to some day make my living as n author; just working on getting my work together and working up the nerve to approach a publisher. I have enjoyed your entries–you are a marvelous storyteller, and look forward to reading more of your work.
    Peace and love, always…

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