Blood is Thicker Than Money


This past Wednesday, my 15 minutes of fame was kind of fun.  As Msn featured “A Father of Nine Blogs about Death & Peace”, the visits on my “stats” took off like a Geiger counter in a nuclear melt down.  It feels funny, though, to be described as “A father of nine.”  I merely think of myself as a father of some really wonderful children… and there happens to be nine of them.

            A large family is a lot of work and very expensive.  My Beautiful Wife and I aren’t pushing for anyone else to do the same, but it has worked for us.

            When our 9th baby was born, 6 years ago, a fellow I worked with asked why I would have so many children.  “Do you consider the impact all those children will have on our world?” he asked.  I have carefully considered it, and I am pleased to say that so far, without exception, the impact has been very positive.  The world is a better place because of my nine children.  Each one has a brilliant mind (more brilliant than mine).  And the contributions each one makes in the part of the world they live leaves it a better place.  Perhaps some of them will even take on some of the major world problems, discover an inexpensive and renewable type of energy, or develop an innovative cure for disease, or find solution to world conflict.  

            I was once involved in a business discussion, where the owner of the national company which I worked for defended a business decision which hurt us financially and helped his competing nephew. 

“Blood is thicker than money.”

His statement negated all other arguments and ended the discussion.  I have thought about that statement many times since.  Family relationships certainly are more important than any financial consideration. 

I’ll always remember a local news story of a fellow who, while exploring an old abandoned mine shaft, fell out of sight and sound of his companions and to his likely death.  The full resources of Search and Rescue were put to use for almost a week in trying to find him and retrieve the body.  Finally, they announced that the mine shaft was too deep, too unstable, the hazards to daunting.  And so the rescue was called off and talk of sealing the mine shaft ended the news report.  The next morning, a surprise announcement was broadcast all over the news.  “The young man’s body had been retrieved from the mine shaft.”  With search and rescue out of the way, secretly during the night, the family went into the mine shaft and brought the victim out.  When questioned by the news media, “Do you resent the Search and Rescue, with all their equipment and training for not being able to do what you have succeeded in accomplishing?”  The answer sounded a lot like my old boss’ response to the business deal. 

The reply was, “No, you are willing to do for your own family what you wouldn’t expect others to do.”

That’s how this “father of nine” feels.  Sometimes our time and money are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, and occasionally we are viewed as a little odd for having such a large family, but the credit card commercial says it all.  “Some things money can’t buy.” 

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  1. Hello. I have stopped by your space a few times but have never left a comment. I must admit the stories I have read are truly great. Congrats. About your post today…it is true the population of the world has increased tremendously but positive individuals, like your children seem to be by your descriptions, are much needed in today’s world.I am sure in the future they will be a great asset to the world as much as they are in your heart for you.

  2. I enjoyed your thots Ron, about the idea that having many kids has a great affect on our society…I agree totally with that statment…I also believe you hit the nail right between the eyes when you said..a POSITIVE affect… I am sure that if ALL families had 8-10 children our world would be over populated in short order…but the fact is MANY dont have any children, and much of the world is now in a state of declining pupulation which alarms their governments when they realize that the aging population is outnumbering the productive portion of society…I am an only child…I know others who have but one or two children…and I know families with as many as 14 kids…(a locksmith who requires his kids to pick a lock or break into a car with a slimjim before they can use the family name)… The fact is that each child we raise to be a good and honest person, makes the world a better place…I believe that we can never do more than just be good examples to them…so it is no wonder that your kids are positives in society…  for those who question having more children than they would…you need ask them only ONE question…which ones do you suggest would have best never been born?… I cant look at any of my children and imagine my life without them…what a wonderful blessing each and every human being is…especially to those who love them…and who are loved by them..

    Hello Ron,
    I am coming over Valerie’s Space. Do you know her? Lol… I have to say that I am very jealous about the large families. And I will write a post about it.
    Have a nice day,

  4. I find nothing strange or odd about your choice to have a large family.
    Yes it is expensive and takes up all of your time, but i can’t think of anything
    i would rather spend time and money on besides my family.
    You have a beautiful family, one that most would envy you for, and
    the impact these youngsters will have on this country will be nothing less
    then positive. The two of you should be very proud of what you have
    accomplished as parents and role models.
    There is a special place in heaven for people like you !!!!!!!!!!
    Also, your wife is more of an inspiration to alot of people then she will
    ever know !!!!!!!!!!
    Take care, enjoy your moment of fame !!! its much deserved..

  5. It was so nice, your space being featured.  My aunt had nine children and I loved visiting my cousins there.  They lived in Wisconsin while we lived in Ohio.  They loved that my mom bought cookies and bread and I loved that their mom baked the cookies and bread.  It always smelled so good in their house.  Since there was just me and my brother, we loved feeling how it felt to be in a big family.  Every one of those kids turned out to be great people.  I’m missing Val, sorry she is having such problems with spaces.  Have a great week!

  6. Hi Ron,
    Congratulations on being featured!! You deserve it. I grew up with 4 brothers and a sister and that was considered a big family even then by some. Of course it had its down side at times, (lack of privacy, hand me down clothes, etc.) but now I am SO glad that I have all of them – even tho I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I would like to.
    What I find interesting is that you managed financially for the most part on one income… something that a lot of people claim is impossible today. I stayed home with my kids after having the third and eventually went back to work part time, leaving a good job and pension plan. I have never regretted the loss of income tho and I think it was definitely worth it.

  7. Hello again..
    You have a beautiful famliy.. and your right.. family always comes first.. always..
    My grandfather and grandmother had 12 children.. I always wanted a huge family as well.. but the good Lord blessed me with 4..
    I am sure this day and age.. having a large family does make people’s head turn.. but your family is such a gift.. and they will be a gift to all who come across their path.. for they have you as their father.. you are very rich..
    God bless ~Hope 

  8. I will be looking forward to reading about your childrens new inventions and discoveries. How exciting…I get to hear about them first hand on your blog site..LOL    I have no doubt that the world is a better place with you and your family in it.

  9. Hi Ron,
    I feel it is my duty to educate people about pedicures,lol. The polish on the nails is what everyone sees, but that is actually only the "icing on the cake". The girl that does mine takes an hour and 15 minutes to do a pedicure. It’s mostly about the skin on the feet. Exfoliating, moisturizing, and massaging… the massage is heavenly. The polish is only an afterthought and men DO get pedicures sans polish of course. I’m telling you, you havent lived til you’ve had one. (Have I convinced you yet???hahah)
    About the puzzles, I find them a really cheap source of entertainment, especially since I usually buy them at garage sales for $1 or 2. I do find it hard to break away once I’m doing it, so I usually just do it on weekends. My lighting in the dining room isn’t very good so I usually just do it during the day, I would never stay up all nite!!

  10. Wow so what i have some cute graphics but you have wonderful stories…very nice and extremely well written from the HEART.  You are a very fortunate man and it’s wonderful to read it from your own words how happy you are.  I am sorry i haven’t come by lately and the reason is i don’t have you on my list yet.  i sent you an invite but it hasn’t shown up so i couldn’t remember your site’s path.  I am going to manually put it in so i can remember to come back i really enjoyed your blog very moving. 
    Thank you so much for always coming by with such nice compliments…very much appreciated.  
    Thank you again & have a wonderful day Hugs Nathalie   

    CONGRATS on the fame!  I loved my first visit here…a great read and the photos are grin-makers!
    all the best,

  12. Hi, Gad to have you visit, family history is import , I wasnt sure how anyone would react to my bog entry and I didn’t care its the history the facts and whats behind it all that is improtant. I am happy to have shared this . one of the things I have done sine 1999 is search back as far as I could go regarding family  that in itself  was a challenge I stood up and met square in the face and glad I did. Sorry to ramble on . Glad you liked my blog.

  13. But your ex-boss was a louse to jeopardize his company’s financial position to benefit a relative.  Smacks of Enron and World-com thinking on his part.
    Oh, by the way, welcome to our fraternity of Best of MSN Spaces recipients.  I encountered a comment you left for thotman (a long-time blogger-buddy of mine) and slipped over to see what else you had to say and how you might say it.  I’m impressed, sir.
    Again, congratulations, and do visit my humble blog anytime!

  14. 9 kids….I had a neighbor who had 12 kids.  They were all good kids.  Their parents were busy nonstop.  The mother started in the morning by making homemade bread.  I am talking like 6 loaves everyday of the week.  She cooked constantly.

  15. Hi Ron~I hope your blog is settling down now after the big rush.  I have had people say they felt such pressure when their sites were featured.  Your site is very special and interesting to read about the happenings in a large family.  Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Hello,Ron.How are you?It seems that you become the star of msn blog^^
    No matter how many children you have,how to train them to be a good person is more important,i think.Perhaps there are many big families in USA,I guess. 
    As to your question,I have just one month to stay at school,now i am preparing for the internship.
    At last,I wish your family enjoy everyday ^^

  17. Thanks for stopping by, slowly coming back to posting. You deserve to be commended on such Great writings that you do so well about your Family. Can see and feel the Love you have for them and how proud you are and rightly so. We also have many friends with large families and my husbands Mom came from a family of thirteen. From what I see they learn early of Love, God, patience, selflessness, sharing, helping one another, they always will be there for one another, and parents are so blessed.  Being we both were only kids, we didn’t want that, so we had four kids and sadly one miscarriage. They have blessed us with 10 grandkids and three great grand kids! I can see your family in the future growing with all the grandkids you will have, more to fill your hearts with Love. The History of your Family is very interesting. They did a family tree on my husband as far back as 1786, from England, as for my Family working on it now on my Mom’s. Wish when we were kids that we more were interested and asked to questions when our grandparents were still with us. My Dad came here as a child from Germany, is quite a job when have to search with little info. Yes, you have a Beautiful Family and you are a Wonderful Man, Friend, Husband and most of a Great Dad! Good job well done, now reap the awards!  As Ever Deanie

  18. Ron, I read earlier that a blog friend had trouble reading your post due to small print, so ok I’ll share with you a tip that works, all they or you have to do is hold down the Ctrl key and roll your wheel up or down on your mouse and that makes the words on the page get larger or smaller. Give it a try, it’s Great, I do it all the time. Share with your Blog Friends.  As Ever Deanie

  19. Again, an easy tip -You can also increase or decrease the fonts:in MSIE use CTRL and the mouse scroll wheel,in Netscape use CTRL + and CTRL – Hope this helps. As ever Deanie

    Hi Ron,
    Thanks for your visit… I tried tried tried and finally could view your space today. How are you?.. Yes maybe tired but it is time to a new post buddy.

  21. RE:Adoption…CHORES! What do you mean chores? OMG I would end up on restriction for a month. And I’m sure being in "time out" would become a newly formed habit. I’d end up being "the black sheep of the family"  LOL 

  22. I’ve read all your stories this morning, and I have to say you are definitely aptly named The StoryTeller.  I was absolutely fascinated by each one and amazed at what a great writer you are and how well you tell each part of your life and observations. 
    As Mom of Six daughters, I understand completely the pressures of raising a big family, and agree completely there is nothing more important or precious than your bloodkin.  It’s been a road of financial sacrifice, bringing up so many kids, but it was worth every bit and more, and like you, I am proud, not concerned of the affect having ‘so many kids’ has on thie earth.  I’ve contributed vastly to the world’s well-being, and if your children are anything like you and your Beautiful Wife, so have you.

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