The Ugly Side of Cyber Space

Everything in life seems to have an opposite.  The opportunity that my Beautiful Wife and I have enjoyed to meet wonderful friends far and near, right next door as well as on the other side of the globe is wonderful, and we both treasure those friendships immensely.
However, there are those who use the internet as a way to stalk and torment people. I don’t know if people like this are so lonely and hurting inside that this is the only way they can express themselves, or if they really want to threaten and hurt others but just don’t have the guts to do it in person.  At any rate, I guess if they spend all their time on the internet finding and tormenting their victims in cyberspace, at least no physical harm is coming from these preditors.
My Beautiful Wife has been hounded by one of these internet stalkers for some time now.  See Thotmans blog "The Tales of Brave Ulysses"!90B6042A632BD161!4315.entry  His attacks seem to be getting more and more viscous.  So today she has decided that having a space just isn’t worth it.  She feels that the only way to be rid of the stalker is to give up her space on the internet all together. 
My comment option has been disabled for the time being, so the stalker can’t use my space to continue to torment her.  In due time, I will become active in posting blogs and inviting comments once again.   

8 thoughts on “The Ugly Side of Cyber Space”

  1. It is always annoying to read such stories – report it to msn police……they will sort it! Don’t stop blogging and let these weirdos win. Hope you and your family are having a good weekend.

    Hi Ron,
    I knew that Valleria loves cats also. She is looking like a tender person. I am missing her comments. Maybe she looks over again her decision. Why she gave up easily this much? I had some terrible under attacked in space atmosphere too. I asked some help from MSN abuse department. They are helping immediately for this subjects and fixing the problem.
    Ha ha!.. Yes, you all needing so much love and care buddy. It is definitely true!
    See you,

    Hi, Ron!
    I’ve been one of the lucky ones, I guess. In the nineteen months I’v been skipper of the Little Boat, I’ve had only one mean comment.
    Fortunately it happened at a time in my life when such things no longer have any impact upon me but to inspire tremendous pity for the  offender. I deleted the comment but wish now that I’d reported it instead.
    Please prevail upon your Beautiful Wife not to forsake blogging altogether because of one pitiful human being’s abusive and inappropriate conduct. She can create a new blog. By arranging it very differently from the first one, making it physically different, she may be able to begin anew with the same beautiful spirit, but a new Spaces identity. Others have had to deal with thi same sad situation; some have left for other venues for their blogging activity, others have simply left. That is a waste. We need good people here. Every time an abusive blogger chases a good one off, it only leaves our little community a little emptier, a little sadder, a little more in need of kindness.
    From my first visit to your space I have believed you to be a person of integrity, character and good humor; I can’t imagine the love of your life could be any less admirable; your fellow Spacers need both of you here in the community.
    Please offer my encouragement to your wife. Personally, I hope with all my heart that she will reconsider.
    Peace and love to you and your family…

  4. Hi Ron,
    I thought you were stressed about work before but this sounds terrible!! We have 2 small businesses and I hope our employees know how much we appreciate them… they are all great and our businesses would not survive without them. Hmmm, maybe we should let them know. I used to work for the telephone company here for 13 years (government owned) and the pay and benefits were great but the stress was not worth it. Hope things get straightened out for you soon.

  5. Give my hello to your beautiful wife.  Its awful what she is going through.  I guess you did survive being home alone.  I guess you are all getting ready for the big wedding in Dec. plus Christmas.  How nice.  I really enjoy reading your stories and hope you keep it up.  Have a fun weekend and my best to your big, wonderful family.

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