A Rich Man

            I’m not the storyteller tonight.  My Beautiful Wife, Treasurechest, and Thotman, have both done a wonderful job telling the story on my mind today.  I’d like to relate a few of my observations which neither one mentioned though. 

            Prior to rendezvousing at our designated meeting place, Thotman phoned me to tell me he’d be just a few minutes late.  He needed to make an unexpected rescue mission.  He had found someone stranded, out of gas.

            After meeting up with us and while we were fitting my children’s boots to skis and getting everything packed up in Thotman’s “Ski Van”, I noticed the tow rope permanently attached to his vehicle.  Other rescue items are stashed away as well.  He was equipped and ready to help anyone along side the road in need.

            I loved how comfortably Thotman engaged my young children in direct conversation.  They loved the obvious respect and attention he gave them individually.  Once we were on the slopes, for several hours, his whole attention was focused on making this new experience, a great experience.  Just one example is when he took Cory up on the ski lift and then skied down backwards while leaning forward and holding Cory’s ski’s in the right position to teach the “Snow Plow” method.

            I would have to say that Thotman’s energy level during the whole day was on a “Super Hero” level.  His energy seems to build as he interacts with others like a snow ball growing as it rolls down a hill. 

            We had enjoyed the fabulous ski lessons, and engaging in meaningful conversation all the way down the mountain (telling and listening to jokes with the children).  After our Chucky Cheese extravaganza, and while driving back to our original rendezvous point where our car waited, we were now quiet thinking about our just completed adventure. 

Thotman was now busy on his phone.  He had many more friends to check on… kind words to leave… help to offer… plans to make. 

I thought back to a comment he made to me up in the mountains while we were loading our equipment back into his ski van.  First he laughed, it was an under your breath teasing sort of laugh.  Then he jabbed at me with his words.  “A rich man’s sport huh?”  He was referring to my blog back a month ago when I had used the excuse for never trying skiing.  I had written that, “I knew that skiing was a rich man’s sport.” 

This was the second time I had gone with him.  This time I had many of my family with us.  Thotman had extra ski equipment, and he knew where and when to go so we could learn and practice without ever buying a ski pass.  The cost was gas to drive up the mountain. 

            Earlier in a comment to my first ski blog, Thotman quoted the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” … ‘he who has friends is truly rich…  so maybe it is a rich man’s sport’ he had commented.

            I’ve learned that Thotman is a rich man.  But that has nothing to do with money.  I’ve also learned that I am much richer than I ever thought I was.  And that has nothing to do with money either.  Yes, skiing is a rich man’s sport.  But that has less to do with money than I had ever thought.                     

So as the year 2006 comes to a close, and as I look back at how life went for me this past year.  I have to say, it has been a very lucrative year for me.  I feel very rich.  If I have a goal for this new year, it would be to increase my wealth.  Blogging has added immensely to my fortune in 2006.  Thank-you friends.  I am a rich man.

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  1. I spent some time blog walking yesterday.  I came across Thotman’s space through someone else’s friends list (I can’t remember how I got there).  I sat and read and read and read his blog just as I did yours when I found it a couple of weeks ago.  I strive to be as prepared, thoughtful, caring and active in helping those around me.  I feel as though I fall short of my own high expectations.  It is wonderful to know that there are truly genuine people in the world like you, Vallerie and Thotman.  I will work harder to not fall so short this year.  Thank you for your blog and inspiriation.  Without intending to, I’m sure, you have made an impression on me way down here in the heart of Texas.  Thanks, Ron.  In trying not to sound like a cookie cutter, may you find more riches this year.  Happy New Year to you and yours. 

  2. How helpful Thotman is ! I am imagining he must be a warm-hearted man.
    About rich,uh,i think rich could be parted as material rich and spiritual rich.
    For me,both are important but the latter is vital.We,in fact,often ignore spiritual wealth which is what we really need.
    What  judges a person is his behaviour,his heart and his personality,right?
    At last,May you have a wonderful 2007^^    

  3. Ron I am sure you have given me more credit than I deserve…the fact is I am not anything special..maybe a little handy from time to time…but certainly limited by my abilty to organize my riches…which I think just boils down to TIME…ah sweet time how lucky we are to have so much of it to share…I have been thinking about the next trip into the mountains with my own children…I think now you understand WHY I so look forward to it…all the banter, sharing stories on the lift(the first liar never has a chance), drinking hot chocolate and other visits to the tram building, watching them make what was hard for me look so easy…and well, every other intangible you can think of…right down to the conversations with people from places like Washington DC (lol).   Its a time to open up and be ourselves…watch those we care about explore their existance and come away from it in complete amazement about not only the adventures but themselves.  You and your lovely wife have the perfect touch when it comes to giving your kids the proper example…no wonder they are such marvelous little people… We look forward to the many parts of life with differing enthusiasm…I can say I am excited for the next adventure I share with y’all…Cant wait to meet Gary, Amelia and Brittany…and Josh, Megan(&Brad) and maybe Jessica(&Brian)  who knows you may have to have a ski van yourself….Anyway…Thanks for your friendship and kindness during this past year…both YOU and VALLERIE have been such wonderful friends. I am delighted to have broken bread with ya, and spend some of your precious hours in fun and laughter … just getting to know you and those you love.  I hope this next year is even better than the last has been…and so before I dash out to yet another mini adventure (breakfast with my wife, my  son and his sweetie)…let me wish you a Very Happy New Year and the Blessings you all deserve!… Thanks again for everything.   Russ 

  4. Hi Ron,
    Glad you enjoyed the skiing and the French toast…you would have needed some calories after expending all that energy on the slopes!

  5.     when accessing all U.S sites ‘txthub’ spam appears
     Your good wife complains of spam site i picked this up from it.
    ‘Information Collected and Stored Automatically
    Of the information we learn about you from your visit to txtHUB.com, we store only the following: the IP address from which you access the Internet, the date and time, the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to our site, the name of the file or the words you searched, and the browser used to access our site. This information is used to measure the number of visitors to the various sections of our site and identify system performance or problem areas. We also use this information to help us expand the coverage of the site and to make the site more useful. txtHUB.com periodically deletes its Web logs. 
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    This is a real pain – I have tried deleting said cookie but it is proving difficult !
    The day out sounded just great – look forward to more tales during 2007.

  6. Hopping by to say wish you and your wonderful Family a Happy New Year! Sure enjoyed the tales of your family’s ski adventure from Val, even some laughs there too. We sometimes don’t realize how rich we really are till you look around and finally get it what it’s all about. As for that txthub, it pops up after I get to your site and then have to return to your site to get rid of it, yes, wander why? Have a Great Sunny Day and with a Family like yours you are Rich in more ways then you know, so Blessed! Deanie

  7. About your question,I choose it as my internship for a short time now in my mind.The job is ralated to my major a liittle,However,it is important to accumulte the social experience,isn’t it? how long would I stay or leave?I think it depends on whether I like  the company’s environment.How do you think?

    First of all, Happy New Year to you, Ron, and to your beautiful family! Next, thank you for the gift of your friendship and your interest in and support of my writing; I welcome and cherish both!
    My life may be a little busier this year due to my decision to work on getting an anthology of my stories published. I’ve got in excess of 150 short stories to sort through, edit, and set in manuscript format. I feel just a little overwhelmed as I contemplate the process ahead of me, but am determined to make this effort successful. We’ll see what happens…
    I agree with that statement 
    "he who has friends is truly rich"
    and treasure you among the friendships I have formed in my blogging experience. It is the best thing about the whole blogging phenomenon…the opportunity to meet and get to know people whom we would probably never meet otherwise.
    Thank you for your presence in my life.
    Wishing you peace…

  9. what a great thing to discover… 
    :o) smiles are contagious…and free…as well as a great start to the new year…pass one to people that you love and those you don’t…and soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

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