It’s in the Genes


It’s in the Genes


            I have just returned from a four day weekend.  Actually, this is the first whole weekend (or any two days in a row) that I haven’t had to go into work at all this whole year.  So I decided that if I was out of the State, work might learn to manage without me. 

            A visit back home with my parents was long over due, so that’s where I disappeared to.  My Beautiful Wife loaned me her beautiful car, took on solo parenting, and sent me on my way. 

            My objectives in going for this visit were two fold.  First and foremost, I wanted to have a good visit with my parents.  I was seeking a time and place where we weren’t distracted in our visiting with some big event such as a wedding.  And secondly, I wanted to break out of my storytelling office and work on my novel in a different setting for a few days where my usual distractions of life, especially my job, couldn’t find me.

            Both objectives were accomplished.  I had a wonderful visit with my parents and I got some serious writing done on my novel.  But there were so many bonuses along the way.

            During my great visits with Mom and Dad, I  heard some wonderful stories of our family’s past from both my Mom and my Dad, which I hadn’t heard before, and I knew weren’t written down.  And I got to visit with one of my brothers and two of sisters who also live close to my hometown. 

Most of you who read my blogs already know my sister Linda of Mitchowl Musings, and her rich, informative, and well formulated blogs.  And my Alaska sister, Catherine of Tomcat’s Tidbits, with her stories of family life in the far North.  But if you think I’ve ever had a personal experience that made a good story, you should hear from my brother Keith.  Though these stories I’m referring to are all true… if he ever blogged them, he could call his space Tall Tales.  And then there is my other other sister, Laurie who can tell a story “live” like no one else I know.  She would be a hit if she just blogged her stories into a web cam (like my Beautiful Wife does now.) 

And now that’s got me thinking about my other brother, and my other other brother who live away from our hometown like I do.  My little brother Warren can tell jokes like no one before or since… a joke for every occasion.  If he blogged, I  go there daily for my smiles and laughs.  And my oldest brother, Brian, could put Allen and Peter Funt out of business with some of his Candid Camera stunts he’s pulled across the country as he teaches people how to drive a big rig.  I think there are still truck drivers who think they have to do a little rain dance in a certain truckers lounge in order to keep the lounge TV on the football channel.  I hope some day they all get on here and tell their stories… then you’ll all know that my storytellen is in the genes.

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  1. One storyteller amongst my aquaintances is enough – I would never get any chores done in the castle if I had to read all your siblings blogs !! Thanks for your comments – hope you catch up on some sleep during the week !! Would appreciate a comment on ‘In search of the Facts’.[08.03.07]. Will leave email in profile for a day or two  if you have a lengthy comment. Take care. H.

  2. Welcome back home, Ron.  I’m glad you got away and that your twofold trip was all you wanted it to be.   Once, long, long ago, my mother paid me a compliment.  She said she loved me to tell stories (real stories) because they are so vivid that she felt she was there with the descriptions I gave.  I was flattered with the compliment because they were so rare, but I don’t think I’m nearly as talented in writing them as you are.  I agree with Laird, though.  If your storytelling was in the genes and your siblings wrote blogs, I’d be late for work every single day of the week.  If they do begin blogging, let us know.  You can rest assured I’d read ’em.  Have a great day.

  3. Its always great to get away but the best part was spending time with the family. Glad you had a great time and one day we just might all get to read your novel !!!  Get busy !!

  4. It was fun to have you just "hang around" for a few days.  I wish you lived closer.  You are totally accurate with your assesments of Laurie, Keith, Warren, and Brian.  If Keith won’t post his own "tall tales" we should just lift them out of the family history and share them anyway.  They are too good not to. As for Brian’s practical jokes, I’d forgotten about that one.  Didn’t he have a wireless transmitter that he could use to keep changing the channel?  No one knew about it and somehow he convinced them all they had to stand a certain way to keep it on football?  I wish I could have seen it…..
    Have a great week at work, and don’t let them overwhelm you.  

  5. I agree!!  I’ve been wishing the others would begin writing.  I know they would have much more interesting things to write about than I do. Even if it was just a webspace for families only I think it would bring us closer together as siblings.  Come on Brian, Keith, Warren and Laurie.  We’re waiting!

  6. Oh mercy, I’d better learn to make do with less sleep and more coffee if I’m gonna keep up on all the reading I’ll be doing!  (maybe the webcastblogs are a great thing after all… I could send those to my cell phone and get them while I’m on the road) – but I refuse to rain dance for the football games on channel, oh wait I think they call that CHEERLEADING!!  yeah ok, I’ll do it… lovely, simply lovely!

  7. Interesting, Ron.  I never knew you were an aspiring novelist; you and I share an affinity for the same publishable asset, namely being one who adhere’s to Standard Formal English.  May your writing bring you the success you deserve.
    Richard a.k.a. Daddio  

  8. Did not know you were working on a novel.  Would sure like to read it when you finish.  I love reading your blog and I am sure it would be great just based on the stuff you write about here. 

  9. Sounds like you had a great time.  When you’re up this way, give me a call,  we’ll go open the hives and check on the critters. 🙂 Kent

  10. nothin’ funner than looking in the mirror of family to see how we are….seems to have been just the ticket for renewing the ole spirit and getting your feet back on the ground…  thanks for connecting the dots about who’s who… I have enjoyed "splorin’ " another blog and hearing about one of the greatest events in any of our lives…going back to the ole stompin’ grounds…. home…

  11. Hi Ron…
    Wow, had I just popped over here a day ago – I wouldn’t have been confused last night, huh? Who knew? I had no idea…
    I think it’s awesome that you guys all blog… what a way to keep in touch and share your stories, with friends and family. Let me ask you though, does it ever make you censor what you have to say?
    Just wanted to say drop by and now I’m so glad I did! Although confusion seems to be a common state of mind for me, it’s not my favorite one. :o)

  12. I hope you all have some influence over the others so we can read them all.  What a family history that would be.  It was so nice you had the time to get away and see your folks and family.  On to your next blog I am…..

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