Could have been lonely

I’m just rolling around this big house, built for a family of ten, like a marble in an empty bucket.  I’ve been thinking about what might have been if my Beautiful Wife and daughter weren’t quick and expert in steering out of harms way. (There must have been some protection from above as well.) See My Beautiful Wife’s Blog "Almost Dead" for those details.  That crash would have killed me too.  But… then I would have had older children who would not have been part of the crash… so I would have had to carry on… for them.  Life would have been so different… I like my life… I’m an thankful today.  Really really thankful. 

13 thoughts on “Could have been lonely”

  1. I’m sure you already realize that you are very blessed as well as your family.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Thanks for stopping by. 

  2. I shall have to go to your wife’s site and read her story.. Whatever happened, I am glad that all is well.  The blogging friends have become special people in my life.  later, lottiemae

  3. I am glad you are OK and so is your family.  Now I must go read your wife’s story and see what I am actually commenting on…

  4. Well…. I’m just ever so grateful that we weren’t hit by the truck.  The rest of the marbles will be home soon and things will be good again.  hehe.. Vallerie (the wife)

  5. Yes Ron, I read Val’s blog and was very thankful they were okay.  It would have been very sad in blogland.  I hope you guys get to move soon and all be in one place.

  6. I’m so glad that your family was safe.  Those morning prayers really help!  We’ve had a couple of close calls too.  I’m sure it would be devistating for any of us to endure.   It’s such a long drive,  We should plan for your visit here when you’re up here, rather then make a special trip.  If that isn’t possible,  we’ll work something out.  It just needs to be when the weather is warm and not stormy.  🙂 Kent

  7. Never worry about what might have been – your family is still intact. . . . hope you tidy up the place before TBW returns !!

  8. For many in our world, the biggest success is to survive, which I know also from the stories of your ancestors. Nothing is more valuable than our family being well. In some way, a family is like a working team, and you know you have a wonderful team. I’m so thankful too that Vallerie steered out of harm’s way so quickly. Best wishes to you all!

  9. hello,my friend,how are you?
    So many supposition.
    It is good for us to suppose then we will appreciate the life everyday.
    Take care^^

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