I am taking a few days off from work right now.  It’s a use ‘em or loose ‘em sort of thing.  So I am not really going on vacation, sight seeing, or other wise spending my forced “take them now” vacation days wisely.  To do what I would want to do with my vacation time, it would take money.  But it has given me a little more leisure time to relax and ponder the realities which make up my life.  Yesterday, I got a glimpse into my “Beautiful Wife’s” realities.  She took the 100 mile drive to Gary’s doctor appointment with him, and I got to pinch hit for her as a school teacher. 

For the most part, my three children (who are homeschooled) were nice to me and did everything they should.  Most of that would have happened whether I was there or not.  They are very well trained by their “Beautiful Teacher/Momma.”  But my youngest, (I call her “Baby Bug”) is first grade age (doing second grade work) and does need lot’s of one on one for her math and reading.   In the process of teaching Baby Bug, I learned a little more about my Beautiful Wife’s daily life. 

I am not over worked right now, and since it was a vacation day from work, I even slept in a little longer, and didn’t do much when I did get up.  But after my Beautiful Wife left, and I found my self teaching 2nd grade math and reading, lazy drowses set in and I had to fight to stay awake in the slow paced tutoring.  It left me wondering, how does my Beautiful Wife routinely work all night, and then come home and run the house for a large family, teach homeschool, and pursue her own dreams like she does.  I know that she has just decided she needs to “do it all.”  Because if she doesn’t, the part she misses out on are her own dreams. 

My Beautiful Wife stayed up in Provo and Gary came home to trade places with me.  The Vacation Part of my vacation day was taking my Beautiful Wife around the city she wants to live in, looking at neighborhoods and houses, furniture and electronics, and the other things that would make this particular dream a reality for her. 

Thanks to a Christmas present, which we were slow to cash in; dinner and a movie capped our night, compliments of our daughter Jessica and her husband Bryan.  All in all, it was a very nice day with my Beautiful Wife, spent dreaming of our future. 

Twenty-five years ago, our dreams together were centered on a life together and having a family together.  Those dreams are wonderful realities.  So there is room to expand our dreams.  But today reality sets in as I look at next week’s family calendar, and I see 5 of our children with orthodontic appointments all on the same day.  I guess some dreams (involving money) are still a few years away.  

10 thoughts on “Dreams”

  1. LOL.. five children at once going to the orthodontics.. sounds pathetic.. hehehe… You were a good substitute teacher … and the best part about this teaching job is the kids are adorable.. hehe…   Thanks for the date.. was fun… hehe.. Vallerie

  2. Nice of you to really comprehend what Vallerie goes through 24/7 while you’re at work yourself.  I can tell SHE sure appreciates what you do for her and your family, Ron.  I wish your entire household unbounded happiness.

  3. Dreams make life worth living.  I hope you can make all yours come true.  I appreciate your comments on my space about cooking.  It must be hereditary, I can’t cook very proficiently either. Enjoy your days off!

  4. Home schooling? A collection of unpaid family history researchers!!!!!! Have a pleasant time over the easter break.H.

  5. Hi Ron,
    I’m glad you have a few days away from work.  I’m sure your family enjoys having you around more. I think all husbands should play Mr. Mom once in a while just to appreciate their spouse a little more.  Good job.  Kevin and I love plotting and planning our dreams out.  I think half the fun of it is talking about what we want to do ahead of time. I think when couples quit having dreams of their future they start having trouble in the present so keep dreaming!

  6. Hi Ron~Kudos to you for subbing for your beautiful wife. I too wonder how she does all that she does at home and work too, I have ony to imagine she has trained her chldren well.  Dreams are more fun sometimes than the reality I found out.  We have lived one of our dreams and are looking forward to the next.  Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Your beautiful wife has a whole lot on her plate.  I had a neighbor who homeschooled her child but she rarely really did any of it.  That poor kid at age 10 could read at about 2nd grade level.  They moved away but it always disturbed me.  The kid sat and watched TV all day while her mother slept.  There needs to be more rules about home schooling.  Like tests or something the kids have to take to insure they are actually being home schooled.  Just my bad experience with a neighbor but I am sure almost anyone who home schools makes sure their kids are learning as much and even more than they would get in public schools.

  8. No more orthodontist visits, now that would be a dream come true!!! What will you do with yourselves when all the kids are grown and gone? Oh yeah I almost forgot, you will have plenty of grandkids to keep you busy!  Hee Hee, LOL, Plenty…:) I keep telling your wife that I think she is amazing, but she is also humble and insists that she is not so amazing. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  9. Thanks, Ron, for trying to leave me a comment.  I’m getting very frustrated.  I’ve emailed Mr. Gates to see what else I can possibly do to rectify the problems I’m having.  Unfortunately you aren’t the only one having problems.  I wonder if your Beautiful Wife is having problems visiting me, too.  I’m glad you appreciate all Vallerie does.  Almost makes going to a job outside the home a breeze, doesn’t it?  I’m happy you’ve taken a few days to smell the roses.  We all need that, don’t we?

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