Part of the magic of love is when it brings two families together through marriage.  We are now involved in the wedding festivites in which our son, Joshua is marrying the love of his live, Sarah.  Tonight, both of our families came together as we became better acquainted with each other.  In this setting I gave the following synopsis of Joshua’s life.


It was a cold day in Idaho… -47 degrees Fahrenheit. The hospital was small and ill-equipped for a preemie with under developed lungs. That small town nursery was the first but not the last thing Joshua revolutionized. Life Flight was grounded because of the extreme cold. So out of necessity, Madison Memorial Hospital had to improvise a newborn ICU. From that precarious beginning, Joshua’s zest for life is leaving an increasingly wide wake of enthusiasm.

He’s always been a fast learner… sometimes too fast. When he observed how his mother nursed a younger sibling, he mimicked the action with his older sister’s doll.

His first year of school didn’t even qualify as a good review for what he already knew. So similar to what he did to Madison Memorial Hospital, out of necessity, Joshua revolutionized how the Haroldsen Children were formally educated, and Haroldsen home schooling began.

Part of that homeschooling included basic music lessons. But Joshua set the beginner books aside when he heard a neighbor playing Beethoven. He went next door and borrowed the sheet music and started playing Fur Elise, memorizing it within days. As a 10 year old, Joshua was the ward primary pianist. He also began playing the prelude music on the organ before Sacrament Meeting began.

He was also doing well in business by this time. The Mower Man, was a thriving lawn mowing business with crew of three siblings all equipped with lawn care equipment pulled by bike trailers. Ten year old Joshua also taught piano and held a recital for the proud parents of his six students.

In his spare time Joshua got hold of his mommy’s video camera. The product of his imaginative filmmaking has left his family wondering if he is crazy or genius.

As he grew and matured, Joshua has continued to plow a wide wake with whatever he does. When he out grew the Mower Man business, he formed a company centered around his most current interest. His Computer Genie business was a great success back when today’s Geek Squad were still in diapers.

Along with these successful enterprises, Joshua has worked for many other business, gaining experience and helping him formulate what kind of career he wants to pursue next.

At the age of sixteen, Joshua started College with two scholarships to University of Northern Colorado. In the middle of his college education, Joshua spent a wonderful two years as a missionary. For all the good he accomplished there, he might be known by some in that country as the "Good Tsunami" that hit Thailand.

Since returning home just over a year ago, Joshua has put as much thought and care into choosing a marriage partner as he has in everything else in his life. As I watched this process, I have no question that he has found the love of his life. Based on my own experience with another certain "Red Head", in the area of spunkiness and having a zest for life, I’m guessing that Joshua has met his match.

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  1. Ron,
    I may be "reading"  what you said about Joshua incorrectly in one spot.  You equated his good works while doing missionary work as a "good tsunami that hit Thailand."  I thought LDS missionary work by American LDS always occurred in the USA, not in other parts of the globe such as S.E. Asia.  But if he was there, from what you described of Joshua’s character, he no doubt did bowl-over those he encountered with signs of his exceptional assets.

  2. Hi Ron,
    I’m so happy for Joshua and his new bride.  He’s truly a remarkable kid and I’m sure his new wife is amazing too.  I look forward to hearing about the wedding and hopefully seeing some pictures.  Your nest is getting more empty by the minute!

  3. What a wonderful synopsis!  By the pics on your Beautiful Wife’s space, a good time was had by all.  Now you get to start packing and moving!  As Val said, no rest for the wicked.  Awesome!

  4. That warmed my heart. What a lovely little bio of your son. All of your kids are very lucky to have you for a father. 🙂

  5. What proud parents you deserve to be.  My prayer is that my children and grandchildren do more good in the world than I was able to do.  That they learn how to hold onto their equalibrium internally no matter what their future holds for them.  Tht they find sacred places to help them hang on and make correct choices.  Your son sounds well on his way of making very good choices for himself.  It won’t be long and your home school will expand as the grandkids start arriving.

  6. I’m happy for you and your beautiful wife that you have such a wonderful son. Isn’t it an amazing thing being a proud parent. Best wishes for your family!

  7. Hi Ron,
    I loved the pictures that Vallerie sent of the wedding.  Everyone looks great.  Is it wierd having another one of your children married off?  You’re lucky they all live so close.  I hear you’re moving right away.  Good luck with all of that.  I’m sure you’re busy.  TTYL

  8. What a good guy he is…what a wonderful reflection of you two…I think maybe he has captured the heart of yet another woman…first his mom…then 6 sisters…and now his sweetie… some guys just have the aura…Josh obviously does…I am pleased that he is so happy… Ron..I am looking forward to playing a little golf this summer with you, gary and cory…(and the girls if they want to try it)…I know…after youre all settled in…

  9. Adopted daughter/sister….I think sister, after all I am 51 years old! You and Vallerie make me feel like part of the family. I really enjoy all the sharing and caring. The world could learn a lot from our little circle of friends in Bloggerville!!!!!  🙂

  10. I enjoyed reading this entry, and I was touched as well. Mine will be long in coming but I hope 20 years from now I’ll be able to write about my (future) son as proudly as you have done today. Cheers!

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