Definition of where I spend my time lately

My time is split between two places lately.
Time at home (too little) = Heaven
Time at work ( too much) = Hell
(This will likely be the shortest blog I’ll ever write, and my next blog will likely be the longest blog I’ll ever write.)

7 thoughts on “Definition of where I spend my time lately”

  1. Hi Ron,
    I hope work gets a little less hectic for you! It is difficult when duty calls, isn’t it! Take care of yourself, look forward to you seeing my pics, I hope you like them.

    Your friends will still be here, Ron…
    I’m just imagining what adventures you’re having in the meantime!!!
    Looking forward to your return!

  3. Hi Ron…my husband went through this and now a son is as well.  Sometimes it works out this way.  They could have written these words.  I so enjoy your critical thinking and the way you can put your feelings into words is admirable.

  4. Always good to come here and see that you have posted something.  Enjoyed your story in the blog below.  Have a pleasant Sunday. hugs, lottemae

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