The Reason I Love You

It’s my space and I can do what I want with it, right?  Well today, I want to use it to send a message to my Beautiful Wife.  So please pardon me, everyone else, while I get a little bit personal. 



The Reason I Love You


It’s not because you’re beautiful.  Although you are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. 


It’s not because you’re smart.  Although your intellect challenges me to keep up.


It’s not because you’re perfect.  Although you can do not wrong in my eyes. 


It’s not because you’re ambitious.  Although there isn’t a lazy bone in your over-worked body.


It’s not because you’re the mother of my children.  Although they, each one, all nine, are beautiful inside and out, just like you.


It’s not because you’ve stuck with me all these years, and through untold tears.


I love you because you are you.  I love the whole package that makes you, YOU. 


Albert Einstein once stated his theory of relativity in terms that even I can understand.  I read that he once said, “If you sit on a hot stove for a minute, it will seem longer than any hour.  But if you sit next to a pretty girl for an hour, it will seem shorter than any minute.  That’s relativity.” 


So I’ve known you for only a moment.  But I hope to be with you for a long, long time.


Thank-you for being YOU

8 thoughts on “The Reason I Love You”

  1. What a beautiful Valentine’s Gift, the blog you wrote is!! I’m sure your wife appreciates all those lovely, from the heart comments. Take care,

  2. That’s lovely.  She is one lucky girl. You probably also got her flowers, huh?
    No the road is not really 2-wheel worthy yet.  You don’t want to come until you can keep that thing under you. 

  3. That was such a wonderful thing to come home from work and read.  Although I will have to say… I believe I’m the one who got the better end of the deal.  Thank you Ron…. Happy Valentines Day to you too… and we are making you come sugar cookies today.. hehehe… Much love to you… Vallerie

    Here’s a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your Beautiful Wife:
    may you always be as perfect in each others’ eyes as you are in each others’ hearts!

  5. I feel like I’ve read something I shouldn’t so I commented on some of the other blogs you’ve written (and I had missed) recently.  You are a true worssmith!  My best, as usual, to your entire wonderful family.

  6. Nowadays ,it is rare to find a long-time lasting love ,esp in Modern Time .
    I am praying for you both : Be together and love forever .

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