I Know your Pain

These past few years have been bumpy for me in spots.  The Experience has inspired these thoughts, dedicated to everyone I watch, both far and near.

I Know Your Pain


It doesn’t
matter that you are rich & famous or if you are poor & lonely… If your
talents are world class, or if your abilities seem dull and plain.  In one sense, we are the same.


astrophysics is light reading, or simple instructions confuse… There is one
understanding that we share.


Even if
you’ve traveled the world, seeing wonders and cultures abroad, or have only
experienced the home of your birth, we share one common experience.


For the
rich, famous, and infamous, the drama is displayed, out for all to see and
feel.  For common folk it’s much more
private, but just as real.


comes when there is much wealth and in extreme poverty.  It comes in spite of good health as well as
in malady.


Some pain
is universally felt, experienced and common to all.  Some is unique, known only to you.  Yet, ironically, in this sense, you are
unique… just like everyone else.


A lifetime
pattern of intense people watching, coupled with a pattern of deep thought and
contemplation has taught me one thing about you.  Though I don’t know the details, I know your


You feel
pain of body and anguish in soul, both for self and others.  You’ve suffered loss, endured trials and
tribulations, experienced disappointment and defeat.  Fear, doubt and despair have haunted your
soul.  What you are made of is tested and


glared in the media, or seen in a quite glimpse, when I see your pain, it
reflects on my own.  My pain is personal,
yet I’m not alone.  Seeing your pain
melts my heart of stone.

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